Good Food

What is good food? To me, it's food that tastes good and feels good. It's those meals that leave your body humming. It's dishes full of real and simple ingredients from farmers that keep their vegetables and meat free of harmful pesticides and additives.

I'm not a nutritionist. I'm a decent cook. I'm often short on time, so none of my recipes will be overly complicated. I can't eat gluten without consequences, so all my recipes are gluten-free. Most of the recipes can be altered to accommodate other food allergies and preferences. 

In short, I think good food should fill the body with clean energy, and it should taste naughty.

Very, very nawwwty. 

Most Popular in Good Food


Snacks, Bevies & Breakfast

Protein bars, pick-me-ups, smoothies and more to get you going in all your glory. 

Main Thangs

Dishes full of veggie power and protein and the promise to make America great again.